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Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of seasonal cleaning. Garage doors which are neglected can put a lot of stress on your garage routine. This can put up you under stress for a lot of expensive repair bill. You can take some steps to make sure that your garage door is maintained.

Listen and watch

If your garage door has an automatic opener which can sometimes make weird noises. If your garage door is well maintained, your door will be quiet and will move up and down without any problem. Try to look at both the sides and try to make sure that they have a symmetrical look.

Clear the tracks

Clear the tracks

Inspect the tracks on both sides of the door, which can make it roll up and down smoothly. This will also help ensure that you are aware if the door is rusted. If you can make some adjustments can be done by yourself, you can do it.

Tighten the hardware

This is one place where all you have to do is judge if the garage door moves up and down. You have to make sure that the garage moves without any vibrations. This can be the reason for any loose hardware. Tightening them regularly can make sure that it stands strong.

Inspect and replace the rollers

If you find the rollers are chipped, cracked or worn down it is better that you inspect them twice a year. If you find any damage, you can easily remove the brackets and replace it for yourself.

Check the cables and pulleys

Always make sure that when you replace these items, they fit perfectly. Having the right cables and pulleys attached to the connections will make sure that the doors lift smoothly. There are two kinds of springs in Extension springs which are long and skinny and Torsion spring which is mounted to the rod above the door opening.

cables and pulleys

Lubricate the moving parts

Keeping the roller and other parts of the garage door lubricated can make sure that the stress of lifting is made easier. Apply a good quality lubricant which can make is easier to wipe off when it hinges on other parts. Try to lubricate the pulley on extension spring which can make it easier for you to oil the rusted torsion spring.

Test the door balance

Try to balance your garage door to make sure that it opens smoothly. The door should be well balanced, which will help lift off without any added force. You can test this, all you have to do is release the handle on the opener and then the door needs to lift after a halfway release manually. While doing so, make sure that the door is quite and have proper balance.

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